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Chiamba Canivete

Chiamba Canivete


Chiamba Canivete



Programme of Study

Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering

  1. You were chosen as a beneficiary of this scholarship, out of several applicants across the SADC region. How does this make you feel?
  1. It is a great responsibility and opportunity to learn and apply all knowledge in Integrated Water resource management. It will come with challenges, but I am confident it will be great too.

  1. What motivated you to take up studies in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)?
  1. The lack of adequate access to drinking water and sanitation on our continent, due to the lack of infrastructure and maintenance, is one of the main reasons I enrolled in this programme. I want to make a difference.

  1. What do you see as some of the greatest challenges being experienced in the IWRM sector, particularly in your home country?
  1. The biggest challenges have to do with the lack of access to potable water and sanitation. Despite investments in this sector, around 44% of the population still does not have access to an adequate source of drinking water.

  1. When it is all done and dusted, what would you like the impact of your research project to be?
  1. To provide evidence of errors and costs in the process of design, construction and maintenance of Water Resources Management infrastructures to preserve the environment and withstand climate change challenges.


The objective of the SGSP – IWRM is the development and deployment of an innovative and excellent regional collaborative education and research programme at PhD degree level complemented by selected tailor-made short courses for decision makers and industry, as well as a curriculum for a new regional PhD qualification in IWRM.