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The 2nd Call for Master’s Degree and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Scholarship Applications for Namibian Youth is now open.

Deadline for Submissions: 06 October 2023

Call for Scholarship: YOUTH FOR GREEN HYDROGEN (Y4H2)

The Programme goal and specific objectives:

With funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), SASSCAL has established the SASSCAL Graduate Studies Programme in Integrated Water Resources Management (SGSP – IWRM). The SGSP - IWRM is the first step in a process of establishing SASSCAL Centres of Excellence in the region.

The objective of the SGSP – IWRM programme is to develop and deploy an innovative and excellent regional collaborative in education and research programme at Ph.D. level in different specialisations under the theme Integrated Water Resource Management.

The research component will be complemented by selected tailor-made short courses to build capacity in new techniques such as geospatial analytical skills, programming and use of models in data integration and analysis.

In SASSCAL’s long-term plan, five (5) Centres of excellence are planned:  Centre of Excellence in Agriculture and Food Security (Angola), Centre of Excellence in Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health (Botswana), Centre of Excellence in Water Resources Management (Namibia), Centre of Excellence in Climate Services (South Africa) and Centre of Excellence in Forests and Woodland Management (Zambia). This effort is complemented by various stakeholders including regional and international collaborating institutions and universities.


The SGSP – IWRM programme aims to:

  • 2023.08.30
  • August 2023
BUAN and NUST MoU Signing
  • 2023.07.21
  • July 2023
Integrated Water Resources Management Mode
  • 2023.06.02
  • June 2023
Detailed Requirements
  • Call for Applications
  • 2022 - 2025
  • SASSCAL Graduate Studies Programme
  • February 2022
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IWRM Experts

Increase the number of highly qualified Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) experts and knowledge in the region by providing scholarships to excellent PhD students;


Promote innovation in interdisciplinary education and research;

Transfer Know-how

Offer tailor-made short-courses and specialized training to practitioners to transfer know-how and diffuse new methods, practices and tools for integrated water resources management;

Knowledge Sharing

Provide a platform within SASSCAL member countries for knowledge sharing, policy development and advice, thereby integrating and coordinating regional initiatives;


Support the internationalization of research and human capacity development in Southern Africa; and


Design and accredit an innovative demand-based integrated PhD curriculum in IWRM.

The SGSP- IWRM fully funded by SASSCAL is implemented at NUST in partnership with the International Centre of Water Resources and Global Change (ICWRGC) based at the Institute of Hydrology in Koblenz, Germany.


The objective of the SGSP – IWRM is the development and deployment of an innovative and excellent regional collaborative education and research programme at PhD degree level complemented by selected tailor-made short courses for decision makers and industry, as well as a curriculum for a new regional PhD qualification in IWRM.